Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Viva Glam

You may know the fabulous Nicki Minaj and the smooth and sexy Ricky Martin have recently started their Viva Glam collection  of a lip stick (Nicki) and a lip conditioner (Ricky). If you do not know what Viva glam is it is a program by MAC that makes mostly lip products and EVERY CENT goes to the MAC aids fund that helps people who have aids and/or are effected by the disease. It is a great and amazing program that has raised over 230,000,000.

Nicki's lipstick is a beautiful coraly pink color and depending on how opaque the application you use on your lips. I love this bright fun color that can be worn anytime any day again depending on how you apply it. It would also be good to get some product on your finger and tap it on you cheek for a nice glow because of the satin finish in the lip stick. I feel that you can definitely make a statement wearing this color on your lips with this warm bright color. 

    Next is the viva glam Ricky lip conditioner.  It supposedly keeps lips soft and supple and I say supposedly because I do not own this lip conditioner so I can not give you my thought on the product, but I do though have mac lipsticks so I  have an idea of the texture and the way they apply.

    Over all I personally think these will be great investments and it is going to a wonderful cause!
Thank you and stay beautiful,
<3 Jimmy


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